Top of the mornin’ to ya! Happy St. Paddy’s Day friends. Are you wearing your green?


Did you know that St. Paddy’s Day originated as a religious holiday? Also, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not actually held in Ireland, but in New York City in 1762. Party on my St. Paddy’s Day patriots!

And that pot of gold you’ve been searching for? If you were so lucky to find a shining pot o’ gold at the end of hat rainbow — and it did in fact contain 1,000 gold coins each weighing one ounce each — you would have stumbled upon about $1.26 million dollars. That’s a lot of green! Unfortunately, most of us aren’t so #lucky.


I personally don’t believe in dumb luck. My dad always told me that if we put ourselves in a position to be successful, then “luck” will follow. But it’s so much harder said than done, right? Especially for a twenty-something, fresh out of college. Trust me. I’m reading all the books, taking all the classes — adulting is hard!

So how do we — twenty-somethings and twenty-somethings at heart — put ourselves in the position to be successful? I continue to ask the same question; so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tips from a couple of my favorite professional resources, LEVOHer Agenda. Hopefully they will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me.

Write down your goals. But don’t just put those aspirations on paper. Also consider how you can achieve them, and the steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

Don’t measure your accomplishments by someone else’s yardstick. You may have different dreams and goals, and that is A-OKAY. It doesn’t make them any less important, or you any less accomplished. Share in the enjoyment of others and their accomplishments, but stay true to yourself and each goal you reach will be even more inspiring.

Do your research. After you find that dream job or position, put those social media-stalking skills to good use, and find out where they started. Don’t be afraid to reach out, and follow up. Just remember to keep it professional.

Be a go-getter. There is nothing worse than finding that dream job, position, or internship, and missing the opportunity because you’ve lost focus. Find what you love, and go after it. In an interview with Her AgendaEmma Gray, the Executive Women’s Editor for The Huffington Post, said “Vigilance is key.”

So instead of searching for success — or waiting for the luck of the Irish — put yourself in the position to be successful and let the #luck find you! What are some of your favorite tips to create success?


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